Toyota Lawsuits Litigation & Class Action Lawsuit for Toyota Cars

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Toyota Lawsuits & Class Action Lawsuit Claims Information:

We are greatly concerned about this Toyota recall and have set up this Toyota Lawsuit Claims center with Toyota Recall Lawyers and Attorneys to help anyone who may have been hurt from this massive recall. We have a free Toyota Claims Case Review form on the right side of this page.

Toyota lawsuits consolidated in the Central Court of California.


The parties have suggested a number of very acceptable transferee districts and judges.However, for the following reasons, we have settled upon the Central District of California as the most appropriate choice.

Toyota maintains its United States corporate headquarters within this district, and relevant documents and witnesses are likely located there. Far more actions are pending there than in any other district.

Among the cases pending there are potential tag-along cases that assert personal injury or wrongful death claims.4 After consulting with Chief Judge Audrey B.Collins, we have selected Judge James V. Selna as the transferee judge. He is a well regarded and skilled jurist.

Moreover, Judge Selna's 28 years of private law practice at the very highest levels and in some of the most complex cases leaves him well prepared for a case of this magnitude.

Complete PFD here:

2/17/2010 Toyota Litigation:

In one of the world’s largest car and truck recall, we have set up a Toyota Class Action Lawsuit Claims Center to help any and all victims who may have been hurt, injured or killed from the Toyota Stuck Gas Pedal Recall currently in effect. Toyota litigation may begin soon, yet statues of limitations may apply.

More than 8 million Toyota cars and trucks have been affected by this recall, with Toyota reporting that they are servicing more than 60,000 cars per day.

The Toyota Corolla line of cars may also be recalled due to possible power steering problems being reported by consumers.

Toyota Stuck Gas Pedal Sudden Acceleration Problems

Faulty pedal parts were the cause of this recall and Toyota must fix all cars currently on the road. Toyota points fingers to the manufacturer CTS as the blame and CTS claim that the parts were built and passed strict quality control processes. 

Recend news has mentioned there have been 38 deaths attributed to this problem, and people are experiencing this sudden acceleration which may lead to car accidents and possible personal injury.

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